Do you like to access your personal documents remotely, or music / videos, photos keep on your personnel laptop, or on your smartphones  when you change your current location or once you are in office? The best solution is to copy all your data from the main source to a transportable hard drive so carry it around. However, this can be a cumbersome approach as you did need syncing manually the computer together with your portable hard disk.
There are several different innovative ways that currently. During this article, allow us to explore to ascertain some technologies, tools to create this job easier whenever & where you would like them.

Cloud Storage Services

As a part of Windows Live Mesh application, Microsoft earlier offered an overseas file attractive resolution that permits the users to access computer files over the web. they need interrupted this product for Skydrive, currently called oneDrive.

Similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, one Drive is cloud storage solution that provides you a special folder on your computer. Files, still as folders you place within the folder, are uploaded to your cloud storage account on-line and synced to any or all your computer. you’ll be able to access via your browser or through mobile app.

Online Backup Services

There are few online backup service providers such as SugarSyncSkyDrive,Carbonite andDropbox which offer desktop utilities that will automatically upload files on your home computer to the internet. The major benefits of using them are that, your files will always be available to you even if the home computer is not running.

FTP Servers

You can additionally install FTP (file transfer protocol) server on your laptop and supply access there to from the web. From the purpose of security, it should not be a perfect possibility since you did expose the FTP server to the web. you will also originated each FTP server and VPN, accessing the FTP server through VPN.

VPN Server

You can additionally originated VPN server on your home network and hook up with that. This may permit you to access shared Windows folders likewise as alternative network storage devices, which might solely be accessible on the native network.

Windows Live synchronize

Windows Live synchronize is another sensible choice for remotely accessing files over the web. you need to put in the Live synchronize consumer on your laptop, after that, you’d be ready to access the whole disc drive of the computer through the Windows Live synchronize web site.

Dedicated Routers and NAS Devices

Few dedicated NAS (network attached storage) devices tend to support integration for accessing your varied files on the internet. Your NAS device’s Web interface which might not be secure if it is designed for access over a secure local network. Hence, do some prior research to ensure that, your NAS or router’s internet file sharing features are secure.
In conclusion, Don’t set up a VPN server, SSH server, or FTP server unless you know what you’re doing. Configure the software incorrectly or use insecure server software and your computer could be compromised by port-scanning bots that scan for open servers and attempt to compromise them
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