Disable USB Ports on Windows
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Bat files:
You can use the below command to delete temp files using below command:
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You can do this using the Windows Update service. Via Control Panel > Administrative Tools, you can access Services. In the Services window, scroll down to Windows Update and turn off the process. To turn it off, right-click on the process, click on Properties and select Disabled. That will take care of Windows Updates not being installed on your machine.
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Toner Low Reset Procedure For Konica Minolta Pagepro 1500w Lazer Printer:
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If you thought WhatsApp group chats are annoying as hell, wait till you get the next WhatsApp update. The app has added a new feature to its group chat that will send you notification of a group chat even after you have personally taken the pain of muting the group.

Yes, there's no escaping that annoying person who just never stops posting on a group. With the new update available for both Android and iOS (thankfully not on the desktop app, yet).

Even WhatsApp knows just how enraging the feature really is, and so it rolled it out very silently indeed.

The new feature lets you tag a person using the '@' symbol followed by the name of the contact on a group chat. Multiple contacts can be tagged in a single message and everyone will receive a notification about it even if they have kept the group muted.

The tagging will work even if you don't have that person on your contact list but is part of the same group as you.

The feature is part of WhatsApp's plans of making group chat much more immersive and hard to get away from.

Earlier, the app added the option of quoting messages so people know what exactly are you replying to. The maximum group size was also extended from 100 to 256 participants.

Now, if you happen to be a part of an actual productive group, it might just turn out to be useful. But if you, like most others are part of multiple annoying groups, it is only going to get so much worse.
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At a time when Mukesh Ambani finally announced Jio commercial launch in front of their shareholders in its 39th AGM today, the company also revealed pricing and plans for people who want to join the all IP next gen network.
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How To Download YouTube Videos Without any Software

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Common Use of Function Key  (F1 to F12)in Windows

You might be Using Windows since long time but i am sure majority of you guys don’t know all the features and Uses of F1-F12 keys on your keyboard. We all know Common shortcuts like CTRL+C to Copy and CTRL+V to Paste, But you might not know what F1, F2,F3…….F12 keys actually do and where and when to use them.
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